Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Those pesky kids

We've already established I am a film geek, and there is no greater set of films to get geeky over than that trilogy released a long time ago in a cinema far far away. You know, before merchandising.

Sometimes a throw away line lead to inspiration, it's not meant to mean much but often contains a world of depth that was never originally thought about. 

'I used to bullseye Womprats in my T-16 back home, they're not much bigger than two metres.'

It's a line to move along the story and express that the rebel alliance can achieve what seems to be impossible, it also aludes to Luke's imminent ascension to Jedi Knight, hinting at the mystical skills he possesses. 

Me, I thought of the poor Womprat. Innocently bumbling about its life in Beggars canyon only to be hit with a stun shot. I mean this is just for fun, not the hunt or the meat, Luke was basically a nasty little git who was cruel to animals. Funny how this character aspect wasn't explored so much.  I mean it starts with defenceless creatures, the next thing you know someone in Mos Eisley loses and arm...

Maybe if we'd analysed this bit more we would have seen the upcoming patricide as well.

Keep T-16s out of Beggar's Canyon is the first design idea I have for the mythical Womprat Preservation Society, but I have another in mind as well. It looks far more complex than it actually is as most of the design is relatively simple geometric shapes. Again though I had to give consideration to putting this on both light and dark so on some t shirts the letter colouring will match the shade of the T.

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