Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Big Damn T Shirts

Well no geek T collection would be complete without a Firefly T Shirt, so I started with three.

 If you don't know what Firefly is then I suggest you instantly go and track it down. Watch it in it's completeness then marvel at how Fox could not only goram cancel this show but not even screen all the episodes. They dropped a fatty an' no mistaking.

Firefly is possibly my favourite ever thing. The characters were amazing even though they were not fully developed. One can only wonder what would have been achieved. 

But Joss Weedon created a cult, the Browncoats meet regularly to keep Serenity flying and that makes them mighty.

This was a tricky T Shirt as I had to make conscious design choices for the first time. Starting with the insignia patch of the 47th Overlanders I faithfully constructed the design from this source. Having completed the design I then discovered that in the film Serenity Mal is referenced as being in the 57th Overlanders, so I had to change the text. This was a tricky decision as the patch has 47 on it (this is the original prop) but visual evidence from the film suggests 57. Hmm geeky indecision, do I go with what I know to be how it was designed, or how it is recorded. In the end I figured I get far more hassle from the fellow Nerdom if I used 47 and most reference material on the Internet comes back with 57 anyway so I reckon I am good. Then I had to decide which way up. 

In the series the patch is actually upside down as the link explains. However when I tried the design with the triangle point up it just looked wrong. It works far better on a T shirt as I have designed it so I though with the text across the top.

There are three reverse prints available.

When You Can't Walk is the unwritten motto of the 57th.  It comes from 'The Message' which is my favourite episode, it has some of the best lines in it and of course that cunning hat. There's an added poignancy to this phrases as it is uttered over the last scenes that were filmed. The show had been cancelled and the actors knew they weren't coming back. But somehow Serenity found someone to carry her and eventually fan power got the film made... When you can't walk

Too Pretty taken from the series opener, really sums up how the 57th made it through their battles. A captain who refused to give up and would keep going no matter the cost. Course only Mal and Zoe seemed to make it through and I wouldn't say Mal is that pretty but hey ho.

Big Damn Heroes is from the episode 'Safe'. I cheated a bit here as the other two are both spoken in scenes involving the 57th. 'Big Damn Heroes sir' comes at the end of an episode with the normal crew of Serenity pull off a rescue mission. But Zoe does say it to Mal and they are both Overlanders. It is also the sort of thing you can see Mal saying to the Overlanders too. It certainly strikes me as the sort of thing they would say.

The colours were the best I could match and because I see this as a military squad T shirt I tried to keep to military colours so no pastels this time I am afraid. 

I think these are my favourites, but then I am a little biased on this matter.


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