Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Finally Flying (the intro)

Well after much deliberation, procrastination and other long nouns ending in ion which basically mean I have been lazy. The Black Pig shop is finally up and running.

The launch was a small, intimate affair. Just me at the party, I say party I had a glass of juice on the desk does that count?
But we are there now, things can only get better, well more, but there you go.

I have for years had ideas that I have liked to sketch, or slogans I thought were funny or designs I would have like to see on a T-Shirt. Seems no one else has got round to doing these so I decided it was time to do it myself.

Eventually other precious things will be added to the collection and you will be able to get your favourite design on the snorkel* of your choice. So keep checking back from time to time for little anecdotes about how I sit at the computer til 4 in the morning trying to get the thing to upload the design.

Black Pig

*There aren't snorkels, nor do I think Cafe Press is poised to launch itself into the competitive world of under water breathing apparatus. Soz.

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