Tuesday, 14 June 2011

So the designs then.

If you've had a look already you will be aware there are already several designs up on the shop. I thought I would go into a few of them here to give you an idea of the process.

Beware of the Banjo reflects my love of the instrument and my appreciation for how intrusive it can be into other peoples lives. At best it's noisy and at worse? Well we've all seen deliverance.

The design looks really simple. I took a photo of one of my banjos (yes I have more than one) and used illustrator to convert it to a silhouette. The trick with this one was making the two triangles look right as illustrator doesn't deal with them in a logical manner. I also thought that it should be a warning for those around you, 'Beware May Play Banjo' is the unwritten slogan for this one. The red and white sign is quite iconic to me as well, instantly recognisable for what it is.

Chuck Norris came from a thought I had one day about my beard. Now I don't sit and ponder my face fur, but I do have quite the beard. I thought one day about how few young people have a real beard these days. There are plenty of designer stubblies and goatees and other fledgling attempts but the full hirsute is common these days. As I thought about it I came to the conclusion that Chuck Norris has a beard* and no one would argue with him. At least no one in roundhouse kicking range. Thus the idea was born. Then it was just a simple matter of creating it.

Om Nom Pac Man is an early favourite of mine. I like the concept. Little iconic 80's computer graphic circle eats little iconic 80's computer graphic ghosts. It was insanely playable for it's simplicity. And my but the little guy could eat. He was never full, chasing around after those pellets and the ghosties. It occurred to me that the circle and the arch form the words of om nom nom and that these are also the shapes of Pac Man and Co. This design reflects that and has the very subtle shading of the words behind the actual characters.

Jugs is hard to justify, it's very basic humour. End of. But it is representative of me in the way I can find the intelligent wit of Stephen Fry hilarious, and can then laugh at a fart joke. I accept Oscar Wilde will not be worried.

Black Pig

*and he is ginger.

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