Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Things have been busy...

So I have not posted about my last two designs yet. This was my first targeted idea.

The girlfriend is an avid knitter so something along these lines was going to happen sooner or later and I liked the idea of a knitted world. A whole category devoted to knitting and finally branched out into other products!

World of Woolcraft is the idea I had. A ball of wool is roughly spherical, as is this globe we live on. The two seem made for one another. It is one of the most in depth things I have done yet and there were some huge leaps forward in learning my way around illustrator. Of course typically, right after I finished this I watched a tutorial video that showed me how I could have done something so much quicker and easier! Dammit.

Virgin Wool is the first upload of a series of sketches I have done over the years, these are roughly inspired by a combination of Gary Larson and the Beano. Simple line drawings that hopefully look good and are quite amusing. I remember many years ago hearing the phrase Virgin Wool. I was instantly struck by the funniness of this phrase. The only thing I could think of was butt ugly sheep. Of course the reality is less humorous. Virgin Wool is merely wool that has not previously been used in manufacture or spinning. As we all know, stuff that has been used and torn down for re-manufacture is called Shoddy.


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