Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Stuff Doing

Well life has been busy lately so not too much happening but am going to get back on it after my summer holiday.

Still learning a lot of stuff about the packages I use and doing a little bit of freelance work that has taken up my time too.

Sadly things keep getting knocked back for being to close to copyright. It's a really hard line to walk somedays. I don't want to cross a line but I've got ideas that people will like. Thankfully I have a raft of ideas that are original so won't cause me any issues.

Upsetting really though because you put work into something and it gets rejected, then you look around and think well why was mine knocked back when someone else is clearly doing this, I mean there are blatent images on some people's designs that are far more of an issue than mine.

The latest annoyance is my Team Severus T which I would mind less if Cafepress hadn't been advertising a Republicans for Voldermort sticker.

It's tricky when you can't even use a word from a book though. In a lot of cases almost anything you can come up with could be rejected on one copyright ground or another depending on who objects to it.

Oh well onward and upward etc. Keep checking for new designs.

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